Liquor Store Reviews

You can find a nice selection of wine here, plus many recommendations. We buy all of our alcohol here because of their selection, prices and location.

Theresa Tee

They have this amazing wine made from lemons. It’s like the perfect adult lemonade and it’s local!

James Wieker

My go-to liquor store. They have great prices and great selection. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Leo H

Great selection low to mid to high end with solid pricing.

Geoffrey Fleming

Great selection of wine and well priced! Much better than Fish’s Liquor

Jim Corley

Not much to say since there aren’t many facets of operation to a liquor store, but the prices are very competitive and the staff is always super helpful and friendly.

Patrick Sperling

I love comming to this liquor store! They have everything! I drink a wine that is hard to find in larimer county… they have it in stock. You think they wont have your beer? Think again its there! Want some special 20 year old whiskey for your father in law? Its there! And for a great price! Need a case of champagne? Look no further! I will always go here for liqour needs!

Shelby Roseberry

Good selection, great prices and friendly staff.

Judy rimer

Very friendly staff and one of the best priced liquor/beer/wine selections I have ever seen. Looking forward to coming by again! (You don’t need a Sam’s club membership)

Josh Paz

Good prices, great selection, helpful staff!

Travel BPC

Big selection. Friendly associates.

Zach Speridon

great 1st time-their cigar shop had cigars from $3-up and had a beer not every store has, plus a discount bin where i found a wine I’m happy to try for $7. happy new customer!

Kristin Marie

Best prices and BEST customer service. Super friendly staff and always really helpful. Great selection too!

Kate B

I walked in here with a friend and the staff there were wonderful. I wish I would have caught the name of the cashier that night because he had a wonderful sense of humor. He was also really knowledgeable about where everything was and where we could find different wines and alcohols. My friend from out of town kept asking if everyone is that nice. It was wonderful to be able to show off places where I live and give her a wonderful trip while she was here. This place made an impact for her and how people are here. Great staff and a good clean store.

Arybella Nugent

Great prices and awesome selection. No Sam’s req’d, just get yourself some great spirits!

Ryan Phillips

This is the only place I go to, Monte, the owner is awesome! Thanks for the Sapporo Monte!

Nick Perry

Always the best prices and friendliest staff.

Desiree Woody

Fort Collins Warehouse liquors is the only place I go when I feel like getting saucy.

Hands down the best store in town. BEST prices, amazing selection and very knowledgeable and helpful staff.

There’s an old grumpy guy behind the register but don’t let him scare you, he’s actually a really nice guy. Just tell him you like guns and fishing.

10/5 stars

Bret Newman

Love these guys!!! They are always friendly and willing to help. I shop there all the time for my restaurant and personal needs. The staff are also willing to able to help with recommendations and suggestions. There prices are also quite reasonable

Dhipanee Mayes

Why would I go anywhere else to shop for booze in this town?
They have the BEST selection! The guys that work there know what they’re talking about.
I’d go there to splurge on the high end stuff, sure, but the sales are amazing!!!!
Bottom line— it’s worth going out of my way to shop there instead of somewhere else. Better stuff, better service, more bang for my buck.

Brook Miller
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